Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Elegance in Blue and White

This September we are celebrating our 27th anniversary. Not a milestone number on its own, but I particularly liked the traditional gift to be given for it — music! So while I show you the table I set, feel free to play your favorite romantic songs!

I started with a beautiful Irish damask linen tablecloth and napkins with a chrysanthemum pattern.
I had looked longingly at them when we were in Ireland last year and Mr. Wonderful and Daughter J surprised me at Christmas with this set!

Linen provides a suitably elegant foundation for the tableware we selected for our wedding — striking ivory china with blue and gold bands, gold-rimmed cut crystal and sterling silverware with both clean lines and flair.

 This many years later, despite a growing cache of dishes and stemware, I love them still!

To bring more blue to the table, I used vintage hand-cut crystal wine goblets instead of our matching wine glasses. I've used them before here, after finding them in an antique mall.

In the center I've placed a vase of pretty faux blooms that have, for me, a romantic feel. I wanted soft colors in the flowers, and all I could find in the floral shops were the vibrant, bold colors of fall. So faux it is for this table.

Echoing the centerpiece are tiny bouquets at each place setting.

We've added plantation shutters since last you saw the dining room, set for our daughter's graduation party. I like them much better than the pleated shades they replaced.

I had originally placed crystal candlesticks on either side of the flowers, but thought they competed with the centerpiece. Instead I flanked the flowers with six of these votives; the candles make the crystals and the stemware sparkle.

Lately I've become interested in antique/vintage salt cellars. These four don't match (one on each corner), but they're all silver, lined with cobalt glass and have lovely details. They add a certain something to the dining experience I think!

I took photos throughout the day, but was stymied by today's overcast skies. I didn't mind too much though — they also lowered the temps to reasonably low 80's.

Also on the table are these charming vintage lidded silver bowls. They have glass inserts with wells beneath which hold ice to keep the contents cold. They've had so many uses!

The blue bands are mottled rather than solid, giving them more depth. Leaves embellish the gold bands and catch the light.

The sun made a brief appearance!

Table resources
Linens | Thomas Ferguson
Plates | Mikasa 'Imperial Lapis'
Stemware | Waterford Marquis 'Hanover Gold'
Silverware | Reed & Barton 'Eighteenth Century'
Blue stemware | Imperlux



  1. Your table made me swoon!It is "HORS CONCURS"!!!Such beauty...So elegant and dainty,I really love every touch...Congrats on your anniversary,a real blessing!Hugs!

    1. Thank you, Maristella! I kind of swoon every time I use these tablewares -- they're beautiful and carry special memories of lots of enjoyable dinners.

  2. Sandra, happy Anniversary. Your China is gorgeous. Love the blue. Such an elegant table. May you have many more. Thanks again for sharing at “Love Your Creativity.”

    1. Thank you, Linda! I've enjoyed your new party!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Your table is beautiful and charming. The beautiful china and crystal with the added punch of blue cut crystal wine glasses elevate the table with such elegance. I agree that fall flowers would detract from the table composition and your faux flowers are a beautiful complement to the table.

    1. Thanks so much, Carol! I had wanted fresh flowers, but the colors just weren't working. I'm so glad you stopped by.

  4. Sandra, what a lovely blue and white tablescape. Everything looks so pretty, and I especially love that stemware and the silver accents! Love seeing your settings!

    1. Thank you! What a sweet thing to say, Julie! So glad you enjoy them.

  5. Beautiful tablescape, Sandra! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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