Monday, August 27, 2018

A Snapshot of Container Gardening

Something's gotta give.... I know we've all felt that way at some point. Due to family responsibilities we've spent nearly every weekend since November taking care of one thing or another. And so the thing that "gave" was my garden. I didn't have the time or the energy -- the garden was pretty much left on its own. Spring brought the return of the flowering trees and shrubs which were soon followed by the dependable perennial show.

The last of the perennials to bloom

But summer? Well the deer ate every daylily bud the night before they would have bloomed (though you can see the ones at J's townhouse "here").

Hymenocallis sp.

I finally got around to planting some of the containers in July but the selection was very limited in the garden stores.  These haven't really filled out yet although they will continue to grow and bloom through early October.

Impatiens hawkeri

The concrete containers that hold the New Guinea impatiens are more than 100 years old. They originally belonged to Greg's great-grandmother. 

I love the design and the patina that can't be replicated!

This one sits comfortably with faux stone planters.

I love capturing the intricate details of flowers! These almost look like orchids.

Evolvulus glomeratus

These cheerful flowers have graced the houses of everyone in Greg's family since the early 1900's, faithfully divided and passed down. They're plucky little plants, covered in pink.

Oxalis sp.

I love the variegation in lantana flowers, ranging from oranges, corals and pinks to vivid yellows, all on one plant.

Lantana sp.

These concrete planters also once belonged to Greg's great-grandmother. Love their rectangular shape and design! Thought it was fitting to plant them with her Oxalis.

Deer have been visiting the planters on the front porch. Why are my impatiens tastier than those across the street?! Perhaps I've missed the sign, lol.

I like the French-influenced design of these faux stone planters -- and that they repeat some of the motifs of the concrete planters described above.

I think the blue daze is about to swallow the hydrangea! I moved it here this summer which seems to be more to its liking.

We finally unrolled the outdoor rug we bought last fall. Love the bold design!

And it's pup-approved!

Thanks for joining me in the garden!






Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A Pastel Table with Turquoise Accents

August has brought with it high temperatures and repeated thunderstorms. I've retreated inside once again to avoid the heat and rain and to set a table that feels refreshing and serene.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Summer Table with a Citrus Centerpiece

It all started at the grocery store. I was picking up lemons and limes to add to the iced tea that we love to drink in the summer. They were stacked next to several varieties of oranges. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018


I was lucky enough to attend the 42nd annual glass show sponsored by the Peach State Depression Glass Club last weekend in Marietta, GA. Their theme was "What's in Your Cabinet?" and featured the wares of 28 dealers as well as seminars and exhibits. Glasswares ranged from antique and depression era through mid-century to (almost) contemporary.

There were so many beautiful examples of the glassmaker's art in all sizes, shapes and colors. Most were functional but some were purely decorative. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and of course couldn't resist picking up a few things!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the glass — be prepared for lots of photos!