Thursday, December 31, 2020

Backyard Renovation Reveal - Part 2

Late spring, the entire summer and early fall saw the renovation of our backyard. The project was designed as a whole, but the actual process took place in stages. I showed you the first stage in Part 1 and now I'm excited to share the next stages with you!
Although the entire backyard was a construction zone throughout the summer, thankfully we were able to use the deck fairly quickly. Since we sheltered at home, the deck offered a welcome area to spend the time outdoors and watch progress on the other areas. The photos below were taken the second week of October.
We'll start where we left off in Part 1 — the bridge that crosses the upper stream. The stream begins with a waterfall that's visible through the bridge's guard rails. The flagstones lead from the upper patio to the bridge and resume on the other side. . .

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Christmas in Red and Gold

We have traditionally celebrated Christmas Eve with a wonderful dinner, served on a lovely table set with fine china and elegant crystal. Although our traditions and most of yours have been upended this year, I see no reason to discontinue doing the things that bring joy and comfort during the holiday season.

So with my daughter's help, I've set our table with tradition in mind, but with modern elements that particularly appealed to her. Smaller yet intimate in the twilight, you're invited to join us at the table!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Hot Chocolate for Christmas

I have been admiring all the Christmas decor I've been seeing. I haven't gotten far decorating our house; in fact I've only managed to design a spot for serving hot chocolate on the kitchen island.