Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snowman Dreams

I moved to North Georgia from Ohio many years ago and I miss terribly watching snow fall. I miss the sensation of snowflakes on your face, making the first tracks across the field, the feel of a well-packed snowball in your hand. I even miss the first shovelful thrown off the sidewalk. (Though not all the ones that followed it!)

So snowfall forecasts here are greeted with great anticipation. Two to four inches were promised! Instead we got a 1-inch coating of ice. We were not amused.

To counter my disappointment, I decided to design a table covered with snow. If I design it, it will come.....

My sister gave me these cute hand-painted plates and mugs one year when I was pining for snow. There's also a platter with a similar design that I'm not using today.

They're perfect for sharing dessert with friends after a movie or shopping trip.

Some hot chocolate or flavored coffee will fill up these mugs.

The photo above shows that the snowman is figural, not simply painted on. A view of one of the plates provides a better perspective. The dishes were handpainted, but there is no identifying backstamp.

Dessert will be placed on this cake plate when guests arrive. Icy pine cones, snowflakes and crystal dusted ornaments lie on the cake plate and in the surrounding snow. Silver snowballs hint at the fun we will have. I elevated the cake plate so it wouldn't appear to be buried in snow!


The vintage cake plate is one that matches glassware my mother received as a wedding gift. The etching reminds me of the designs that ice crystals trace on windows.

Crystal holders encircle white-as-snow napkins.

The icy landscape continues on the buffet where snowflakes and snowballs lie at the foot of silver trees.

Thank you for coming to dinner at eight!


Placemats | Crate & Barrel
Flatware | Oneida 'Julliard'
Cake plate | New Martinsville 'Prelude' (1930's-1950's)
Sherbet glass | Cambridge 'Caprice' (1940's-1957)
Napkin holders | Gorham 'King Edward'


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  1. I am in far north Georgia (almost to NC) and we got about 5 inches of snow over the weekend. I do love to watch it fall but not to drive in it! My granddaughter in metro Atlanta was disappointed that it missed them. Your table looks darling, those plates and mugs are adorable.

    1. They're about the cutest snowmen I've seen! I know what you mean about driving in snow, but it's far better than driving on ice. My daughter's car skidded and she had to wait for her father to come and help her get back to the road!

  2. Cute table! No snow here in Austin, but my snow people are gathered about here in the house. Ha! I have some cute snowmen plates too. Just the cutest, aren't they?

    1. Yes, they are! They bring smiles on the dreariest days! Thanks for visiting

  3. Your napkin rings look like ice themselves! No snow here in Florida, of course, but I enjoyed the dusting of it I saw on the ground while up in Ohio for a weekend. How fun your table was with those cute dishes. Thanks for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

    1. The napkin rings looked like the ice coating the chairs outside -- until the 60 degree weather returned! Thanks for hosting the party

  4. Your snowmen made me smile. I am a big fan of snowmen. They can really bring joy to anyone, including adults, on a cold winter day. They remind me that winter can be fun and playful too. I love all of the silver accents too.

    1. These plates just embody cheerfulness! And who says we have to give up playing? Thanks for visiting

  5. Beautifully done! I feel the magic of winter with your tablescape. Those dishes are the cutest. I live up north in a climate that is very heavy into winter. We've been given a little time off this week and have warmed enough to melt a great deal of our snow. Your mother's etched designed cake plate does look like snowflakes! Love the clear napkin rings too- they do look like ice and the ornaments especially the snow encrusted pine cones. The side board looks great and I love that you kept the theme going there.

    1. Liz, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. After 20 years this Ohio girl still hasn't adjusted to winters without snow!

  6. What a pretty table. The silver trees are really unique! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

    1. Thanks for your compliments - I enjoy joining such creative folks

  7. Sandra,
    Now that I'm retired from teaching school, I love to have a nice snowfall. Unfortunately, we often get ice mixed with the snow which makes driving hazardous. Thank you for sharing your snow table and its cute snowmen mugs on Monday Social.


    1. Ice definitely is no substitute for a good snowfall! I'm glad I stumbled on your Monday Social.


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